I am a photographer who loves natural light and finding the magic in the everyday. I am real and honest and don’t expect perfection. I want to be deserving enough to be invited to document connection and vulnerability in all its forms. I want to see how people live and love. I want to witness the rawness and power of the birthing woman. I want to see the flash of connection between parent and child, between lovers, between families.

I love working with women who are fearless and vulnerable. Who love their families hard…in a way that feels both magical and completely real. Women who value art and the raw unconventional beauty that is motherhood.

I believe that life is beautiful just as it is, that women are beautiful just as they are. Not at some point in time in the distant future when things are “just so” but now, right now.

So I help them by holding a mirror up to their most intimate moments, so they can celebrate their motherhood and prove beyond reasonable doubt that they were there too.

I believe that at the end of it all, when our children are grown, we will want to see the moments that made up our stories. We want tangible proof of a life well lived and of children well loved. We want photos that celebrate us and the beauty of the now.

If you want all of this too, you want me to photograph you. Don’t wait another minute, connect with me here and let’s make magic together.