Respect. Choice. Empowerment. Support. Without and agenda or judgement. As your doula, this is what I will bring to your pregnancy and birth.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the role of a doula? If you aren’t, a doula is a greek word that means ‘woman servant’. Doulas aren’t medical professionals, they don’t give medical advice or perform clinical tasks. Doulas exist to serve and support you, physically and emotionally, throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

I will work with you, your birth partner and your birthing team (midwife, OB etc) to help you achieve your dream birth. Whether you are giving birth at home or in a birth centre or hospital, I will be there to support and comfort you and provide you with non-judgemental information. During your pregnancy I can be a sounding board for you and your partner as you work through your many birth choices. I can help you decide when to head to hospital or call your midwife. In labour I will work with your birth partner to give you constant care and to help you both as you deliver your baby. I can provide hands-on support in the form of massage, breathing exercises, meditation and labour positions.

Birth is extraordinary and transformative. I believe this wholeheartedly and I believe in the role of the doula to support and guide women and their partners to experience the wonder of birth in a positive and secure environment.

I am a student doula currently studying with Childbirth International. Please do get in touch to talk more about how I can support you. If you are looking for a birth photographer we can talk about that too.