A mother cradles her newborn baby in her arms moments after giving birth at home in a pool surrounded by twinkling fairy lights
A labouring pregnant woman breathes through the intensity of contractions during the transitions phase before she meets her newborn baby
A pregnant woman in early labour breathes through contractions at home supported by her husband
A husband supports his labouring wife as she copes with contractions in the bath during her peaceful hospital birth
A pregnant woman pauses between pushes as she tries to birth her baby and is comforted by the touch of her husbands hand on her arm
The midwife shows the reflection of a baby's head crowing in the mirror as the pregnant mother labours in the birth pool at home
A newborn baby's head as it has just been born and the body will be born with the next contractions
A newborn baby born in the water at home after a successful VBAC takes his first breath as he is lifted out of the water and handed to his mother by his father
A husband holds his wife hand as she quietly rests on the hospital bed waiting for her induction
A labouring woman in a hospital gown is embraced by her husband
A midwife cradles the feet of a newborn baby girl as she completes her newborn examination after a successful home birth
A husband and father looks lovingly at his wife after she birthed their baby boy
A father to be comforts his wife as she rests between contractions
A husband and wife embrace as she cradles their newborn son on her chest
A new family of four introduce their older daughter to her new baby brother
Big sister kissing top of newborn sister's head after she was born at home
Big sister watches her pregnant mother labouring at home in the birth pool
A father cradles his newborn son against his chest during precious skin to skin time following birth
A newborn baby has his first breastfeed in his mothers arms after her successful VBAC home birth
A mother relaxes with a relieved look on her face after her intense labour and birth
A mother cradles her newborn baby girl in her arms while resting in the birth pool after successfully birthing her daughter at home
A newborn baby boy makes a funny face as he rests in his mothers arms after birth
A placenta
A newborn baby girl is weighed during her examination by the midwife
A newborn baby boy is cradled by the midwife as she completes her examination following a successful VBAC home birth
A newborn baby girl in the centre of the frame with the hands of the midwife and her mother and father as they cut the cord
A pregnant woman in early labour peacefully rests at home bathed in early morning light