young girl with her head tilted back basking in the sun
tw young sisters reading in their bedroom in the morning sun
a young girl rests on the floor in a pool of tulle
a young girl stands in front of the window with her arms stretched overhead
A young girl wearing her mothers sequinned jacket
a sequin cushion reflects starlight all around the bedroom
sunlight catches the tipsy hair of a toddler girl
a young girl chatting with her mother in the morning light
focus on a young girls hands in the soft window light
A young girl with a ballet bun in profile
A young girl cradles the green apple she has just picked from the orchard
A toddler girl stops playing to put her hands on her heart and say
A toddler girl does a plank over her high chair while colouring in
A young girl stands on a stool to get something out of the fridge
A young girl reads to her dolls while they are sick in hospital
A girls hand silhouetted against the sheer curtain
A young girl laughs and smiles at her sister sneaking into frame
Two sisters play together laughing and colouring in
A young girl spins her head around and her long hair flares out in the sunset
A young girl spins in a tulle dress
Two sisters play at falling down on mum and dads bed
A young girls lies calmly in her fathers arms
A mother anther toddler cuddle in rays of light on the laundry floor
A young girl is grumpy with her mother
A toddler girls clear blue eye catches in the light coming through the venetian blinds
Close up of a blonde curl in a toddlers hair
A young girl stands with her back to the camera in her undies
A toddler girl crawls out of frame, with only her legs in the photograph
Sisters read in dappled light

Tara Mahoney is an Austockphoto artist

You can find my profile including personal and selected editorial work here