Hello! I’m Tara, a lifestyle photographer based in Sydney’s North. I love natural light, chaos, laughter and finding the magic in the everyday. I am real and honest and don’t expect you to give me perfection. What I really want to see is connection, I adore connection and the vulnerability that comes with it. I see it between a parent and child, between siblings, between lovers and friends. And when I see it through the lens it makes my heart sing.

Because time is fleeting. One moment you are clutching a positive pregnancy test and staring down the barrel of a long nine months and the next you are holding your heart and your newborn in your arms. Then you blink again and you’ve got a one year old…a toddler…maybe another child or two…a kid going to school and then before you know it they are teenagers and then adults. Phew!

And at the end of all of this, what do you want to see the most? You want to see the moments of connection that made up your story. You want to see the look your child has when you are reading them their favourite story, the laughter on their face, the kisses and cuddles, the moments of touch between partners and friends. You want to see the real bits, the bits you store up in your mind as mental pictures.

I want to help you capture those moments so you can look at them over and over again. I can’t wait to be invited in to your family life.