Baby T is ONE

April 17, 2016

And here we are…Baby T you are one today. As I write this I notice the time is 3.29pm, you were born exactly one year ago. There is an endless ocean of things I could say to you, thoughtful things and sad things, things laced with regret and sorrow, but I won’t. Today is a celebration, a celebration of you and of us as a family. There will be time now, I think, to process the year that has passed. To move on from the cloud of PND that threatened to engulf our entire family. Today the happy memories outweigh the sad ones. I am filled to bursting with pride and wonder at the person you are, at your charm and happiness, your smile and your determination. I love you baby girl, now and forever.

(Photos of me are from my husband and brother. I’m trying to be in front of the camera as much as I’m behind it, for the sake of my girls).