moments that matter | august 2016

August 17, 2016

It’s funny, I don’t realise how much I miss the sun and the warmth of Spring until we have a sunny day and I feel my mood just lift. Our backyard is tiny, and not really much to look at, it’s very much a work in process getting plants to soften the general concreteness of it. But my girls don’t care…after too many days inside and too many days outside bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing they know that to be outside and enjoying the warmth on their skin is perfection. It was perfection for me too as I felt the warmth breathing life back into me. This was a moment that mattered to me in August.

Here’s to the coming season of warmth. To outdoor snacking, chalk painting, bare tummies and dancing in the sun. And to taming the weed jungle that you’ll see in the background of most photos (I can’t be the only one whose garden goes to pot during the colder months?)

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