moments that matter | august 2017

August 23, 2017

Some posts are full of meaning, some photographs too. Other times you are annoyed with your grumpy children and it is making you grumpy too and you want to hide behind your camera for a bit so you are present, but not too present. So you grab a sequinned pillow and stick it in a bright patch of sunshine in their bedroom. Then you all have a play and a brief respite from being grumpy.

This post is just one in a community of photographers who take time out each month to pick up their cameras and shoot something that matters to them. Please go right around the circle and check out all of the goodness there is on offer. Next up is Nina Tantzen, please have a look at her post here.


Love these! Who could stay grumpy playing with sparkling light like that? I think we need a sequinned pillow in our house too! 😉

Loce how much light reflected from that pillow case.

Oh wow! I must get myself a sparkly pillow case! Lovely images Tara!

These are so amazing! I love the magic. Lucy loves sequins at the moment, maybe we should get some of these great cushions.

That is soooo cool! I am going out tomorrow to buy a sequin pillow!

Just adore these Tara, your own special eclipse moments. The light is incredible <3

Love the light reflections here!