moments that matter | april 2017

April 26, 2017

I would love to make a grand statement about how this heralds my triumphant return to blogging…but we’re all friends here and honesty truly is the best policy. I have so many amazing client sessions to share, but once again blogging isn’t my forte. If you want to see what I’m up to in a real-time sense, the best place to check me out is Instagram.

However I am so grateful that I belong to this excellent blogging circle called Moments that Matter, because otherwise these apple picking photos would probably languish on my hard drive. But now they get to see the light of day! Hooray! If you have little kids, apple picking is so much fun. And for my fussy kids a perfect way to encourage them to eat more fruit. We went to Shields Orchard and picked our own Granny Smith apples (which have resulted in many lovely baked apple treats in the past weeks). We also stopped at Bilpin Fruit Bowl for an apple pie morning tea and a play in their gardens. On the weekends there are lots of orchards open for picking fruit, you can check out Hawkesbury Harvest for a list of all of them.

This post is part of a blog circle, so please click around the whole circle to see what matters to each and every talented photographer this month. Next in the circle is Justine Curran with her post here.


Oh so much fun! we tried this year but didn’t realize they are only open on weekends

These are really lovely Tara. I love the colours here and the feeling of chill in the air.

Love love love fruit picking adventures.

This is so fun. I love the second last photo where they look at the apples in the basket. It’s like they are wondering what to do with the apples now that it’s in the basket

A bit of attitude, a lot of fun and all wrapped up in beautiful photography. Love love xx

That’s probably the best part of the circle, apart from all the talent here of course, is that your personal photos actually see the light 🙂 For me anyways 🙂 Love the action and movement in your images

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