moments that matter | february 2017

February 15, 2017

You know what I can always find time for? Mother guilt. I know you understand…it’s that inner monologue that critiques everything you do. When I was pulling together images for this month, looking through at my moments that matter, I felt GUILTY because it’s SUMMER and I don’t have any photos of my kids on grand outside adventures. SERIOUSLY. Never mind that it’s been bloody hot.  Never mind that on the two days during the week that I’m home with my girls they and I are so SHATTERED from work and daycare that we just need to rest and recharge in our own space.

So here are some of our moments that matter from February. We are homebodies and these are little moments from our life. I will never get tired of photographing my family in our home. And the guilt…well I’ve checked that at the door…for now.

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Mothers guilt is all part of the job isn’t it? These are so lovely – we’re homebodies too. I absolutely adore the one of your daughter dressed up with the crooked tiara! <3

Oh I love the hands behind the curtain Tara! It has been bloody hot, and do not feel guilty about not getting out. We have spent a lot of time indoors because it’s just been too hot. And when you time is taken up by work and daycare sometimes the best thing to do is have some quality time at home xx

beautiful golden light, as long as you are with them they don’t care where you are making memories 🙂

I think capturing all these little memories right there, in your home space, is what your kids will really treasure later! Beautiful images, love the one of your little girl dressing up.

Thanks Nina!! She’s quite the character!

Such a lovely collection of images, Tara! I totally hear you on the mum guilt. I try to remind myself that they need those quiet moments at home with us probably more than they need adventures.

Thanks Brooke!! I so agree, quiet home moments are so important to them aren’t they!

This heat and mothers guilt are not a good combination. You eye for indoor light is stunning.

Thank you Cindy! It means so much to me to hear you say that!

Love how your captured your eldest’ personality! These are really awesome!