moments that matter | december 2016

December 21, 2016

It’s been a fair few months since I’ve been organised enough to join in on the wonderful women who post their monthly “moments that matter”. But I’m back! And hopefully will take a renewed sense of focus into the new year.

The weather in December has been completely mental. Some days stiflingly hot and others rather cool and rainy. It was on one of those cool and rainy days (that immediately followed a scorcher) that I found my December moments that matter. My two girls, crafting and interacting. They are slowly, slowly, slowly building a relationship and at times it’s an absolute joy to watch unfold. Worth the painted hands and faces and the sticky glue that went absolutely everywhere.

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Love the light in this. My daughter brought me a pen and paper and rammel of the list of things we need to make this art. She loved looking at the pictures in this post 🙂

Christmas crafts are one of my favourite things! I love how more paint ends up on their hands than the actual craft. The mess was absolutely worth it for these. <3

Such a beautiful little series and one to be treasured always, they will love it too growing up. You can really see their bond and love, not only of each other but getting messy too. Just gorgeous. Merry Christmas lovely xx

Busy girls! These little moments are so so precious, you’ve captured them beautiful. Love the way you’ve used light. Gorgeous!

Oh good on u! I hate craft time! So much mess and so little attention span haha. Gorgeous memories

Love the interaction between them! so cute

Glad to see you back. Craft time is the best! Truly wonderful moments captured here. And that light! <3

Oh how gorgeous are they!! I need to remind myself to do these things with/for my kids not only at Christmas time but even throughout the year. My boys especially are always at each other’s throats so they need some mellow craft time lol.
Love this post!